Friday, December 12, 2008

Sagawafujii佐川藤井 photo shoot by streething


Sagawafuji frames come in all shapes in sizes, but the main selling point that the designs have in common is that they’re all crafted out of wood. Although they might not be as durable as metal or plastic, the use of light-weight wood results in a beautifully organic texture and feel. Boundlezz Unlimited just got a stack in and they’re shifting fast due to the wide variety of designs and decent pricing. Head over quick before the best pieces are gone!

Sagawafuji is available at Boundlezz Unlimited, Unit S132, Second Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur 55100, Malaysia.

picture shoot by jules...thanks dude


starleo1314 said...

how much for this love it

starleo1314 said...

its around rm250?

Leonardos said...

Since I don't live in or near Kuala Lumpur - but in the Netherlands - how can I become a pair of Sagawafuji specs? Thanks

maguire88 said...

Any luck Leonardos?
I'm form the Netherlands, too, and so far I would do anything to get my hands on a pair of these!

Does anyone know how to contact this firm for mail order?

Never End Gallery said...

How do we contact these guys to purchase? Cant seem to locate any kind of contact details.. strange..

joshua said...

Hi seller, your contact number forever gone to fax line.. do you have other number?